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Originally Posted by Soapy View Post
I'm not saying the people I was referring to are playing mobile games for hours on end in lieu of consoles, I'm saying that those people never played games for hours on end and that's why they're choosing mobile games over console games.
Oh yeah, I wasn't saying you were saying that.. was agreeing with you. What I am saying though is that many of those people didn't both buy consoles previously AND won't buy one now. Or at least the number of people who fit all 3 of those categories will be not as large as expected. I think most of these people are additional assets for games companies to tap and they will also get back most traditional console gamers once the new gen is a year or 2 deep. Mobile games dominate the moment someone steps out of the house but when at home I think TV, films, PC (including facebook I guess) games & internet surfing are bigger competitors for a potential casual console gamer's time.

So the rise of mobile I see as coincidental rather than the driver of the decline of console retail games. We've never been this deep into a console generation before and I'd wager all the earlier generations would have seen a similar decline if they had gone on this long.

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