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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!)

Obviously some of you aren't done with possibility of DOFP existing in an alternate universe when the director already said that he's not ignoring any films
And you dont seem to understand that we didnt say he would ignore anything. A alternate timeline does not mean ignoring TLS. Theyre seperate.

He can go a few routes here...acknowledge and reference previous films without keeping them as gospel. He can always change things he wants to change for sequences that happening after we left the characters in TLS. A simple explanation of the Cure not being permanent allows for alot of wiggle room with Rogue..

This doesnt include a alternate timeline, multiverse... use whatever word you want. But in this scenario, there arent any rules, and Singer is quoted as saying he's interesting in those ideas.

BTW why would he say one thing and do another?... you mean like when they lied about Cyclops in TLS. Not saying Singers doing that, just saying that they want to keep the story under wraps, so...

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