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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 2

First Class was about the origin of Xavier and Magneto.Just as Bryan clearly
said First Class was clearly prequel he also mentioned this trilogy was Intended to jump decade In each Installment although DOnnor mentioned third film might stay In same decade as second film.

By end of first Class Xavier Is crippled and on path to seek out other mutants
to teach them and defend a world that hates and fears them.Magneto has helmet and has started bortherhood and on roard to wage war on Humans feeling they will do to mutants as Nazis did to his family.

They are now adapting one of top X-Men storylines ever.Some don't seem to
get that.

Just because only 4 of first Class actors have been confirmed doesn't mean more Isn't In film.The move to 1973 only raises possibilty of some recasts not that characters won't be back.What part of majority In 1973 do people not

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