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Default Re: Who are the top 5 villains you most wanna see do again?

To answer the thread question(so to not mention any villains that haven't been shown in a live-action film because, man, that list will be long, lol), I'd say...

1.) The Riddler - something of a mixture of Arkhamverse's version and The Batman's version; arrogant, cocky, intelligent as hell, dark and sinister
2.) Mr. Freeze - again, taking cues of Arkhamverse's version, but also BTAS
3.) Scarecrow - we need a much more scarier take; Nolan's version had potential in Batman Begins but it only went downhill from there
4.) The Penguin - nothing of a penguin freak, but more of a gangster
5.) Poison Ivy - what's funny is that Batman & Robin had a fine story of Poison Ivy such as the background and what not, but it could obviously be more

And as a bonus...I wouldn't mind seeing Catwoman being used again, but not because I didn't like Hathaway's version, but I would love to see the Selina Kyle/Holly Robinson friendship used in a film.

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