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Default Re: It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's the Superman Costume Thread! - Part 1

Originally Posted by fanboiii View Post
I'm curious what exactly people mean by balance. People don't actually dress according to "balance". The red briefs attracts more attention than his shield. To fresh eyes, people don't even think about looking his crotch with the MOS suit. It's only those who are used to the briefs that think something is missing. It's not really about balance or breaking up the blue. Briefs or no briefs - both works.

There's a difference between fashion and costume. Losing the briefs works better with the "realism" of Kryptonian fashion they're going for.
Oh that's only partially true, most people dress "according to balance" they just don't do it conciously. It's part of what people call a "sense of fashion", what colors go together and such stuff. Humans simply love patterns, our brain is hardwired for them. But that is besides the point. This thing about breaking up the blue has to do with the way you arrange the Superman costume's elements as they are in the MOS suit. It's not a thing of trunks per se just the combination of a significant area of red at the bottom, huge blue space and a significant area of red at the top. That's an imbalanced arangement of color. Now does that mean you need trunks on a Superman costume? No, you can get rid of those but then it would be prudent to change more to create a balanced design. The better design choice for the MOS suit imho. would have been to also eliminate the red boots and replace them with more piping and blue so the red parts of the costume are dominant only in one area similar to the Eradicator suit. Essentially it's a thing of primary and secondary color in a design. The blue is the suit's primary color while the red is the secondary color. There are few ways to distribute more than one color on a costume in a balanced fashion. Evenly - creating roughly the equivalent of same spaces of color as in the classic Superman suit. Half in half - which is how most people dress normaly, like blue jeans with a red T, or black pants and white shirt or like in Aquaman's costume. Top heavy - like the Eradicator suit where the secondary color is mainly distributed around the shoulder and chest areas. Bottom heavy - Flash's costume for example. That said, I'd like the MOS suit more if they would have gotten rid of the red boots as well, then I'd have no complains but the way it is now, well, it's just unbalanced to my eye.

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