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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past - Pa

Originally Posted by BMM View Post
Not really. spideyboy is right. Giving up a child is circumstantial. Anybody with any life experience knows that a multitude of emotions often can and do arise when a woman gives birth to a child, especially her first, and those easily outweigh the "mutant and proud" slogan that was parroted throughout First Class. Just because Mystique is mutant and proud, and leaves with Erik on that beach, doesn't mean she wants to raise a child in that environment. Maybe she gives him up, knowing that is what is best for him. That's certainly keeping in line with some of the Raven we see in First Class. Conversely, maybe Mystique wants nothing to do with her son. 11 years later, maybe she takes a more hardened approach and gives him up because she doesn't want him holding her back, which would be in line with the Mystique we see in the original trilogy. There are a number of ways they can handle it, if they choose to address it at all.
Exactly. Also, there is the possibility that mystique goes to the extreme of distancing herself from humans by voiding herself of human emotions like "love and compassion" singer also purposely gave mystique and NC a scene in X2 very well knowing she's his mother. What if that line of "we shouldn't have to" is the one act of motherhood mystique gives to NC while at the same time refusing to acknowledge that she knows he's her son.

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