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Default Re: Which NEW Character/s would you like to see on the sequel?

Avalanche would be cool. And the X team definitely needs some more ladies.
Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Just like Polaris and Sunfire, Thunderbird is one of the first twenty members of the X-Men in the comics. And some fans want every member of the late60s/70s X-Men in the comics to appear in the First Class films, well except for Mimic and Changeling and the characters that were introduced in Second Genesis.
Thats kinda weird, adding characters for order credibility has pretty much gone out the window.With the roster they have right now I dont think he would bring much, rather see those roles for FC characters go to some female X Men personally. Thunderbird pretty much just shows up to die anyways. We all have our favorites I guess.

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