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Default Re: The Official Ant-Man News and Speculation Thread

Wright has said in the past that the fact Ant-Man is a lesser known chracters means he can be alot more free with it.

So far Marvel Studios has been very good at sticking somewhat close to the comics be it Ultimate or 616. I sure even with a lesser known property Marvel wouldn't want to alienate there fanbase.

All we know for certain is that in the past Wright has said Ant-Man will feature Lang and Pym.

Wright had production houses by lots of old 60s Ant-Man comics for the test reel and Wright also met with Stan Lee in the past to discuss Ant-Man.

We don't know if Wright still wants to go with Pym being a hero in the 1960s and Lang being his modern successor. We don't know if Janet will feature in Ant-Man at all.

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