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Default Re: The Official Ant-Man News and Speculation Thread

Maybe Wright should combine elements of Pym and Lang for the movie. Perhaps Pym invented the Pym Particles (obviously, since it's named after him) and the ability to shrink or grow on behalf of an organisation. But maybe his employers create the suit (at least the aesthetic design of it) for their own operative. Then maybe Pym needs to steal the suit for his own purposes either to save someone or because he's being blackmailed (perhaps by a rival organisation like AIM). Then maybe along the way he meets Jan, who tries to stop him at first, but when she realises why he needs it, agrees to help him. Then once he acquires it, he turns on his blackmailers and becomes Ant-Man himself.

So it could feature Pym but still have the basic Lang story, but with the theft of the suit given to Pym instead of Lang. Technically, it would still be "To Steal an Ant-Man", but would allow Pym to still be the main character, have created the particles and would be stealing his own creation. It can still be an origin story that way (how Pym becomes Ant-Man) and also feature a miniaturised caper/ heist.

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