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Default Re: The Official Ant-Man News and Speculation Thread

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
But Feige did say it was the Edgar Wright show in a recent interview, and that it's purely because of him that this movie is getting made at all. "The Edgar Wright show" suggests that he's got a pitch for this movie ("To Steal an Antman") that Marvel like and are letting him go forward with it. It's not that Marvel wanted to make an Ant-Man movie and then sought a director for it (which it should have been).
I see no problem in Marvel hearing out talented directors who have certain Marvel heroes they want to tackle.

So it would seem that Marvel are just letting Wright get on with his own project and not interfering too much, which is a shame, because Wright's vision just doesn't really fit in with the rest of the MCU as originally proposed, and Wright takes so damn long to get any work done on this.
Isn't all just rumors so far. I've only heard Wright talk about the Amazing Shrinking Man as inspiration.

It's fine if Wright wants to make that movie as a pet project, but if he wants to be part of the MCU and get all the benefits and momentum of the rest of the film universe, he needs to put it aside for the greater good. It's not like he can't ever make that film. He just should save it for a sequel. If he did, he could get two potentially successful films out of this franchise, not just one (which may be less successful anyway if it's not connected properly to the rest of the MCU).
I feel like you are putting a lot of responsibility on Wright's head as if he was Fox or Sony and had bought the project and just doing whatever the hell he feels like doing with it. Marvel greenlit it. Fiege has been one of his biggest cheerleaders. He practically signed off every interview "Yes, Wright's Antman is in play, and I'm excited."

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