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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion

I don't really like the Xavier mind swap. Who is supposed to play the main part then in the past? Stewart or McAvoy?

Better for Kitty to travel through time. However, it might be a bit boring for audiences with only one time traveller. If they took a page out of Star Trek: First Contact or ST: The Voyage Home, they could have several people going back in time. It would allow for more group interaction and fish out of water scenarios. Maybe Kitty, Rogue and Iceman could go back, and they meet with the FC cast and the younger Wolverine.

Or maybe Kitty, Rogue, Iceman, Stewart Prof X and McKellan Mags go back (or are swept back in time)? That way McAvoy and Fassbender can interact with Stewart and McKellan.

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