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Default Re: The JJ Abrams Superman script

I've just finished this, it's beyond awful, in addition to what I've listed above there's some even worse moments towards the end. The worst has to be Jor el whose still alive on Krypton sense g that his son has perished so he basically meditates and joins Kal El in what must be heaven or near heaven. He basically his life so Kal El can return from the dead and at the sane time gives him all his knowledge. I was just like how ridiculous is this?

Add to that the fact that Superman basically kills the villain, the script basically says he's clever in the way he kills him so it's not like did it on purpose (obviously not in those words).

Lastly what bothered me wasthe fact these Kryptionians are so hellbent in killing Superman, he's stuck on another works just leave him there.

I said above I'd have preferred this to Superman Returns but I was dead wrong.

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