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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion

Originally Posted by Great Mind(s) View Post
Ha we keep disagreeing because I don't think it would be great to have the young X/M interact with their older versions. That's just me though, I think it would be convoluted.
Well, it would be a little like older Spock interacting with younger Spock in Star Trek 2009.

I wouldn't mind a group of people going back in time though. I think having Ellen Page as Kitty stuck in the 70s could be humorous.
True, but it wouldn't be as humorous if she's all there by herself. It's better if she has a couple of sounding boards, like Rogue and Ice-Man, who also share her distaste for 70s fashion.

Plus if they're getting Anna Paquin back, then she can't just have a cameo. I want to see her, Ellen Page and Jennifer Lawrence all acting opposite one another.

And somehow I see Lawrence Mystique getting in on the main action, just because of her star power. I can't see that Ellen Page is going to be the star vehicle if you have Lawrence in the cast, with Lawrence just relegated to a supporting character.

If Xavier is there to give voice instructions to Lawrence, Page and Paquin, this could be the X-Men version of Charlie's Angels. Since it's set in the 70s, they'll even have the correct period clothing of the original series. Lawrence can have the Farrah hairstyle, while Page and Paquin can decide between themselves whether to be Kate Jackson or Jaclyn Smith.

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