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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion

I like the idea of sending Kitty back to the 70s - and maybe one more! We don't want the past to get too crowded with mutants. While Kitty is back, the old gang will be fighting for survival in present time.. This will finally allow characters like Rogue and Iceman to show their worth and some skills. Yes - i want to see some ice slide action!
I'm kind of tempted by the thought of having Colossus sacrifice himself in the beginning of the movie. The team is under attack by sentinels and he risks his life in order to save the others. While awesomely destroying some sentinels, he gets badly hurt and in his final moments he convince Rogue to touch him, letting her absorb his super strength. Something like that! This sacrifice is very inline with comic book Colossus' personality and character traits, and it also gives us the opportunity for some hardcore Rogue/Wolverine team up.

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