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Default Re: Which Company Wide Storyline Would You Like To See In MCU?

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
The thing is that if you were to do the entire Marvel U onscreen, no single studio could handle the workload. I'd love a scenario where the Fox & Sony properties are integrated into the MCU whilst still having those studios make their films but then deferring creative control to Marvel Studios so they can keep the quality high and the continuity no %^$!&-ed up(as the X-Men series has gotten). Because as great as the MCU films have been so far, at the rate we're getting them we can only see a small section yet of the over-all Marvel Universe in film. It's like trying to watch a parade through a straw.
We should be pretty deep into it by 2020. By then we should have touched on the mystical side of the MU with Dr. Strange, the martial arts and street level side with Iron Fist and Luke Cage, more of the cosmic side with the Inhumans, and all the other little stuff with the SHIELD TV show, and maybe even one or two other Marvel properties on TV.

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