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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past - Pa

Originally Posted by Cherry View Post
If they make her a lesbian, I hope it wasn't because she was in a bad relationship with Azazel. That doesn't exactly make someone gay...
no, but it does make a bisexual choose another side. (trust me, im gay and mean no disrespect) but there's plenty of women who have gotten into a lesbian relationship after having a bad one with men. Does it make them "gay" no.. not necessarily. There could have been signs all there life. But... That also being said I do think sexuality is fluid, and having a relationship with a woman doesn't exactly make her a lesbian either.

not only that, but she wouldn't "go gay" because of a bad relationship, she'd fall for destiny/find comfort when she was in need of a friend and someone who actually made her feel special.

As long as they never deal with Sabretooth and Graydon Creed... i'll be happy.

Mystique loved sex and giving birth apparently (in the comics) but was always a horrible mother.

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