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Default Re: It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's the Superman Costume Thread! - Part 2

Originally Posted by Dr. View Post

I still go back to this foundational principle: Superman was conceived as a dashing, romantic, “cool” hero. S&S weren’t going for laughs or doing satire; in their minds, the classic Supes costume was supposed to be impressive, imposing and worthy of a larger-than-life champion. In other words, the costume is merely a representation or symbol for a larger concept. So if, over the course of time, some elements of the costume (e.g., the trunks) become (for whatever reason) stigmatized, you alter them - because the first duty is to the concept and not the superficial details.
That's a very cerebral yet accurate way at looking at changes in comics characters as a whole, but is there still really a need to eliminate the trunks as this no trunks debate never really picked up steam until Cavill's suit debuted/the new 52 BS happened? Granted, no trunks may be better for the design they went with but not overall. I mean if Superman suddenly had a pompadour how many people would like the idea?

The reason why some fans come down on Batman 89 so hard since the Nolan films have been released is 2 fold: the Nolan films are newer and fans of the actual books don't read the 70's and 80's source material that the 89 film was based upon to understand how much more pure the 89 film is compared to the modern crime-drama trilogy that Nolan created.
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