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Default Re: Where did "Phase" come from?

Did some digging. Maybe you guys will remember this from back then Apparently Clark Gregg called what is now known as Phase I "a first act in this giant epic that they're attempting" in an interview with Time Magazine in September 2010. Interestingly enough, this is what he said later about a possible Agent Coulson movie: "I’m ready. I’m waiting for that call. Definitely Agent Coulson is really shrewd, he doesn’t get into fights that he can’t win. So he’s waiting for the right moment, for a feeble enough opponent to come along." Ironic, huh?

A week later that year, Time dubbed what we now call Phase II as "Marvel's Movie Act 2," referring to a quote by Paul Gitter, president-consumer products for Marvel Entertainment, about Marvel Studios possibly building towards a second large event in 2017.

It's funny to quote really old articles, but it's also interesting from a historical standpoint!

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