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Default Re: The Official Batman Forever Thread - Part 2

To be completely honest, Batman Forever maybe my least favorite Batman film. I can watch Batman & Robin in a guilty pleasure kind of way, even that has shining moments like the Alfred and Bruce scenes. But Forever is a complicated beast. I enjoy Jim Carrey in the film, but ultimately is not a compelling Riddler. He tries to emulate Gorshin and ends up in far away place. Two-Face is... just a bad interpretation. And Kilmer's performance leaves too much to be desired, somehow it doesn't feel right. The movie doesn't know if it wants to brood or if it wants to be fun, and fails doing both.

There are some nice moments, mostly outrageously funny things like the first scene with Batman and the vault, and he being able to escape from it and managing to return it to its place flawlessly, it's just great. You just say "He is that good.". But overall, there are more things that bother me than things that please me.


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