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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 2

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
What did I start on here!? lol

There were some great moments in the movie, for sure, but there is also some conspicuously poor writing.

'What have I done?' is among the cheesiest lines, as McKellen - with his hair all over the place - scrambles over the rubble to get away from Phoenix's meltdown.

And the dialogue about mutant power levels seemed a bit random, even if it did illustrate Callisto's powers. It's just that it hadn't been mentioned in the previous movies, so just seemed a bit suddenly introduced.

The scene I hate most is when Xavier feels the full emergence of the Phoenix persona and orders Storm and Wolverine to get to Alkali Lake. That sort of psychic-burglar-alarm-phoenixy-bird-scream thing goes through the school, and Storm and Logan meet by the stairs (in a very staged manner) as they run to Xavier, with Logan saying 'No clue' when asked by Storm what's happening. It just all feels wrong. Even Xavier's unexplained order to get to Alkali Lake is just odd. It needed something different.

I didn't mind Dania as Callisto, though. She really seemed like a tough opponent, even if she didn't have the trademark eyepatch.

Yeah the "whats wrong" "no clue" was soooo... power rangers-y. Just felt like...not the same universe as X1-2. These characters seem written by and for children. Reminds me of Prometheus. Back on topic... Singer will be amazing.

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