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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 2

One thing about X3 that wasn't good was how the X-Men just rush into battle. In Singer's films the X-Men always plan everything. (X1: war room, X2: X-Jet, alkali lake control room) they think about what they're going to do and who does what. In X3 they all rush into uniforms, not bothering to make a plan of action.

I don't think time counts as an excuse. I mean yes they were in a rush to stop Magneto but in X1 they were in a rush to save Rogue and X2 they needed to stop Stryker, both times they discussed their plans before acting. In X3 they rush off into their X-Suits and meet up at the X-Jet without a single plan of action (how exactly do you send young X-Men like kitty, and bobby into a warzone without a plan.) but yet they find time to make an inspiring speech.

It was such a wasted opportunity, as it could have provided time to develop Storm as a leader. We could have seen her coming up with a plan and giving orders to the other X-Men and building up the team's morale.

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