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Question Re: The Dark Knight Returns - if you were to do a sequel/prequel/spin off

Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
I have to admit I'd love to find out what happened to Olivers arm, why are Superheroes banned, why does Superman only work for his country now? Did Lois die? Etc
Ermm... Weren't all of those questions pretty much answered by both Miller-penned tales?

I was under the impression that Superman was responsible for Oliver's arm (and thus the reason for Oliver wanting a piece of him). I think Superman had a hand in that play of power (ie. forcing heroes to retire).

Superheroes were clearly banned by the government because of Batman's actions... "Of course we're criminals, we have to be"... Also, it seems Luthor had a hand in that (if you read DK Strikes Again).

Lois didn't die, she married the Guardian. Or at least Miller inferred that when we see a young-ish reporter named "Lana Harper-Lane."


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