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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 2

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan’s acting in X3 is every bit as good as it was in X-MEN and X2. If anything, it may well be better, because they are asked to do more, and to play a larger range of emotions, including some very intense ones.

Well they were given some stupid stuff to say...since the movie felt less serious, their roles felt less serious and in turn, their acting too.
What stupid stuff? The stupidest thing Magneto says in the movie is probably the stuff about “The pawns go first”, which is actually not a bad line, and makes perfect sense in context.

Not even they could save some of the horrible lines they were given.

"I don't have to be psychic to know when somethings bothering you! "

"What have I done! "
How on Earth are these “horrible” lines? They’re simple, straightforward lines about a given moment.

Xavier talked about being psychic several times during the franchise. He’s using a bit of levity in a moment of normal interaction to make Storm open up to him. He’s saying “I could read your mind, but I can tell you’re upset, let’s talk about it”.

And some people seem to forget that little conversation they had during the battle at Jean's house. Just as good, if not better, than the conversations they had in X1 and X2.
Pretty much anything they said was on par with anything seen in X-MEN or X2. People seem to forget that much of Xavier and Magneto’s dialogue in X-MEN and X2 was exposition. Ably played by Stewart and McKellan, but exposition nonetheless. There’s an evolution of their characters throughout the franchise, and X3 is the pinnacle of those character arcs. The dialogue reflects this.

I think the hate for X3 has more to do with its deviation from the source material than the quality of the film itself.
Bingo. And it always has. People seem to be on this kick the last few years where they must pretend the whole thing sucked to justify disliking it.

'What have I done?' is among the cheesiest lines, as McKellen - with his hair all over the place - scrambles over the rubble to get away from Phoenix's meltdown.
Other than the fact that his delivery of it is a tad clipped/rushed (which, again, makes sense in the context of the scene) and this is a little on the nose (which, again, makes sense in the context of the scene) why is this inherently a bad moment?

That’s one line…what are the myriad other “conspicuously poor” lines?

And the dialogue about mutant power levels seemed a bit random, even if it did illustrate Callisto's powers. It's just that it hadn't been mentioned in the previous movies, so just seemed a bit suddenly introduced

Yes. It IS suddenly introduced. Just like EVERY NEW CONCEPT in the franchise, the first time it shows up, is “suddenly introduced”. It’s called “introducing a new concept”. Writers do it constantly in storytelling.

The scene I hate most is when Xavier feels the full emergence of the Phoenix persona and orders Storm and Wolverine to get to Alkali Lake. That sort of psychic-burglar-alarm-phoenixy-bird-scream thing goes through the school, and Storm and Logan meet by the stairs (in a very staged manner) as they run to Xavier, with Logan saying 'No clue' when asked by Storm what's happening. It just all feels wrong. Even Xavier's unexplained order to get to Alkali Lake is just odd. It needed something different.
So you hate the fact that the scenes between Cyclops and Jean are clearly building tension, culminating in an intense sense of urgency?

What is there to explain about “Get to Alkali Lake”? It’s meant to be an urgent order that retains a sense of mystery about what had happened, which it does.

I didn't mind Dania as Callisto, though. She really seemed like a tough opponent, even if she didn't have the trademark eyepatch.
So you have issues with the normal writing tools used in the film…but not one of the weakest actors in the film? Makes sense...

Yeah the "whats wrong" "no clue" was soooo... power rangers-y. Just felt like...not the same universe as X1-2. These characters seem written by and for children. Reminds me of Prometheus. Back on topic... Singer will be amazing.
I’m sorry…POWER RANGER-y?

“What’s wrong” means “What’s wrong?”

“No clue” means “I don’t know”.

People talk like that in real life, yes…even adults. What exactly is the problem with this exchange?

Some of these complaints are just absurd, and really not very objective. There's an obvious bias against this movie, and it's not really based in anything sensible anymore.

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