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Default Re: Web shooter shop class - Part 2

Originally Posted by Wadaltmon View Post
Those are awesome! I see you've gone for a more compact design, which is great. What is your pressure source? And how much fluid can it hold?
Also, be wary of those 9V connector wires... they can snap pretty easily. I would advise heat-shrink tubing or electrical tape to wrap around those wires.
You're making really good progress, JMA610. Cannot wait to see that thing working!
Thanks man! I was going to get either one of those for the 9v battery adapter. Can I buy shrink tubing at Home Depot? And the valve I have on it is a tire valve, so my air compressor will supply the pressure, which with PVC, can be up to 600 psi I think. I like the compact design, too. Right now I think it can hold 3ish ounces of fluid, I haven't measured it yet. But that's why I'm striving to have the MgO in my fluid to allow for expansion, especially if I increase the ratio, which can really only have a positive effect on the fluid. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but if it is constantly expanding, won't it naturally build up pressure even after I use the air compressor? I still have to find like 1 more piece of metal tubing so I can have a closed chamber. You understand how the release valve works from my sketches? I know they were a little crowded. Hopefully I can have it functioning by march!

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