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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
and to answer the question for the post first above, yep, I was indeed talking about her potentially wondering on why Thor wouldn't return back to Earth after picking up Loki.
I think she has a pretty good idea of how difficult it is to travel between the realms. Or, at least, she's the most knowledgeable of anyone on Earth.

She knew at the end of Thor1 that something catastrophic had happened with the Bifrost. Her own research undoubtedly progressed in the subsequent year, but did not reach the point of enabling mankind to open its own portals.

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
I'm sure that she must have learned about Thor being on Earth through via television and Selvig's account of the events
Yes, and as an employee of S.H.I.E.L.D. working in this area, she would have access to their satellites (at the end of Thor1, Erik asks Darcy if she has loaded the S.H.I.E.L.D. satellite codes). So she would have whatever data was available about recent journeys to Earth.

This next quote is from Guerrilla, but I failed to quote it properly (sorry!)
Because it would seem odd for thor (unless he is busy saving people) to allow that much time to go by before hookin up with jane. If they didnt make it seem like thor and jane were so attracted to each other. It wouldn't have been necessary to explain. But this HAS to be a question that we'll get an explaination for in the movie.
I agree!

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
. . .
so considering that that he was gone for one year already (between Thor 1 and The Avengers), only to suddenly come back and then leave and not come back for another year, even she must start wondering on what she must have really meant to Thor and whether he still cares about her or moved on.
I agree that it's quite likely, and natural, for her to question whether he actually still cares for her or has moved on. My own opinion is that it may not be so much that Thor didn't return after remanding Loki to his father's custody that would cause Jane to think that; Jane likely knows the difficulty. (and in the alternate ending, Darcy tells her, "He would come back if he could.")

It seems to me that a bigger factor is if he doesn't communicate anything to her while he is on Earth. By this I mean something so modest as, "Erik, tell Jane I said hello." or "I don't know when I'll be back."

And yet she is willing to travel to another realm in this film!

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