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Default Re: MCU Phase 2 Box Office/Budget Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
We're getting closer and closer to phase 2 so I'm wondering what everyone's predictions are for the movies' budgets and BO grosses are as a whole. Here's mine:

Budget: 200M
Gross: 900M - 400M/500M OS

-Thor 2
Budget: 175M
Gross: 600M - 200M/400M OS

-Cap 2
Budget: 150M
Gross: 400M - 200M/200M OS

Budget: 175M
Gross: 500M - 200M/300M OS

Budget: 250M
Gross: 1.6B - 700M/900M OS

Budget: 140M
Gross: *350M - 150M/200M OS

Budget: 1.09B
Gross: 4.4B
I like these numbers...

-All IM3 needs is a strong 80% or more on RT and the box office will have no ceiling.

-And if Gunn can manage a small Starwars camero...say like Boba Fett in a bar dragging a Skrull away in cuffs. Hell, they could even throw in a cameo of the Firefly cruising by and that would be worth the price of admition alone. People are underestimating the number of Cosmic Marvel fans and Scifi fans in general that are out there. Give us a great story with some key cameo apperences from the Cosmic Marvel Universe and this film will succeed big time!

-Thor 2 will be a sleeper hit.... I think many are counting Thor out yet Thor pt 1 was better than more IM2, Wolverine Origon's and Superman Returns...Give us a great story channeling some of that LOTR's and Chronicles of Narnia mojo mixed with all the things that made the first film good and we've got a hit franchise.

-Captain America has to step it up big time. Throwing the frisby around is entertianing but we need to see more out of that super soldier serum of his. As it stands now Black Widow has better fight sceens and is almost more athletic. So we need better scenes of him jumping over gates then we saw in the first film and better fight scenes. A deep story with some kickass villains is a must. Channel some of that 007 and Bourne Identity mojo with Marvels own unique twist.

-Antman has a lot to prove as well. We need an undated "Honey I shrunk the kids" but without the Honey or the kids. Something adventurous with a few relavent cameo's will do decent numbers.

-As for Avengers 2, I'm sure Whedon's aware of his mistakes in the first film and he'll have more time to rectify that in the sequel. I have no doubt that A2 will be better than the first. Which will continue to leave these other studios and their comicbook films in the dust...

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