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Default Re: Which NEW Character/s would you like to see on the sequel?

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
Yeah, I hope there is a good evolution since we last saw everyone. Including introducing some new students. Alot can happen in 10 years.
I hope they'll keep Havok and Banshee because I don't want people to just assume they left or die sometime between those 11 years. And there has to be a smooth transition from First Class to this movie even if the gap between them is huge.

I also think they can definitely add new faces to the 70s X-Men like Polaris and Dazzler. In the first X-Men movie, when X-Men was introduced, we didn't exactly know how Professor X met Cyclops, Jean Grey and Storm and how those 3 became X-Men. Professor X just said that those three were some of his 1st few students and with Dazzler and Polaris, they could do that too.

But the main concern for this is the cast of this film is already huge. Seeing new characters (especially the ones that are the part of the X-Men team) is always interesting but if those new characters didn't get enough screentime for their first X-Men movie and if we didn't get an idea who they are as a person then it would look like they were just added in the movie for the sake of having new/more characters.

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