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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
Also I hate when people say BP doesn't add anything to the team.

He's the only Avenger who shares all the attributes of the main members.

Captain Americas combat skill
Thor's regal legacy
Iron Man's genius
Hulk's raw, primal intensity

This makes him one the most flexible members. You can't box him in.
I love this post cause it's so true. Lets not forget when BP had no problems going toe to toe with each member in Avengers: EMH. I mean who else has taken down Hank in his giant form using nerve points? That show did T'Challa a lot of justice in terms of his abilities and genius level.

I read on another forum an idea in which Cap's shield breaks somehow in CA 2 or 3 and Steve goes straight to the source to fix it. Wakanda. Steven is shown flying over it to the palace on a SHIELD cruiser.

the after credit scene is going straight to the source to fix it. Wakanda. Steve is shown


Clint Barton wasn't exposed to any extraordinary radiation. He has no X-gene, no mystical artifacts, and no bottomless bank account. He has just practiced, every single day.

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