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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises - letdown or not?

Late to this party....

The Dark Knight Rises was absolutely NOT a letdown for me.

I found the first hour or so to be a bit slow when I saw the film for the first time in the theatre. The last hour, however, was absolutely fanstastic. The stakes were much higher than in The Dark Knight, and ending was so gripping and emotional for me.

The film has become even more enjoyable with repeated viewings on blu-ray. Now the ENTIRE film feels coherent to me, as I now obviously understand everything the filmmakers were tyring to convey. This was the story of a broken man, learning through pain and failure, to rise in the end because he has rediscovered his will to live. A classic and very powerful theme that resonates on so many levels. I think that is the reason why I can watch this blu-ray over and over again......because it is so uplifting and emotional to experience.

And yes, it helps that the DTS HD Master Audio track on the blu-ray is reference quality, making Hans Zimmer's powerful score so involving and drawing you into the film. Anybody who has not watched this film on blu-ray with a decent home theatre system is missing out BIG TIME.......Standard DVD is just not good enough......

The Dark Knight was also a great film, with a more clever story and twists along the way, but it doesn't create the same emotional impact for me as the The Dark Knight Rises. Nolan and company set up to make TDKR "bigger" and "grander" than TDK, and I think they succeeded.

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