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Default Re: The Dark Knight Returns - if you were to do a sequel/prequel/spin off

Originally Posted by Ponyboy View Post
I mean if I had to guess, I'd say Superman ripped his damn arm off. I mean, it was Oliver's real weapon wasn't it? I was always under the impression that Superman was partly responsible for the suppression of the other heroes. I think Oliver (knowing his attitude) probably refused to back down, and Superman did what he had to do.

Honestly though? Not knowing the exact details of everything makes the story a bit more intriguing, I find.
Yeah we'll I'd hope he didn't quite rip his arm off. I always think what if the Justice League were fighting a villain and Jason Todd died in an explosion and Oliver's arm could've been trapped as he was trying to get to Jason who could've been under a building that's gonna blow up or something and Superman severs his arm to save him but Ollie wanted to save Jason and that's why he hates Superman. This is just an idea I've been toying with.

No I get that, I guess it cones down to the imagination thing, nothing's ever as good or as scary in some cases as what you can think up in your mind. I agree it's nice not knowing sometimes.

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