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Default Re: MCU Phase 2 Box Office/Budget Prediction Thread

My take:

Budget: 200M
Domestic: 340M
Foreign: 550M
Total: 890M

Thor: TDW
Budget: 180M
Domestic: 240M
Foreign: 450M
Total: 690M

Captain America: TWS
Budget: 160M
Domestic: 200M
Foreign: 260M
Total: 460M

Guardians of the Galaxy
Budget: 170M
Domestic: 220M
Foreign: 280M
Total: 500M

The Avengers 2
Budget: 260M
Domestic: 550M
Foreign: 950M
Total: 1.6B

Budget: 120m
Domestic: 160M
Foreign: 150M
Total: 310M

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