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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises - letdown or not?

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
I wouldn't necessarily say that as scrutiny is never brought on the table. People look at Ledger's Joker and they seem to
just forget about the huge plot holes with Joker's plan even.
For me it comes down to consistency.
In The Dark Knight, The Joker was able to set up elaborate plans filled with hundreds of explosives and careful coordination off screen and the movie stuck with that. We don't see him rig up the explosives in the hospital but we also don't see him set up ANY of his plans. We don't see him talk to the bus driver about just what time he should burst through the bank wall, we don't see him sneaking on to the ferries, etc. The movie sets up its own rules and sticks with them throughout, which is why it's so effective and why by the time the ferries scene rolls around most people aren't focusing on "wait, how did he rig those barrels?", they're focusing on the dramatic moment in the scene.

The Dark Knight Rises, by comparison, does things like taking the time to set up how impossible it is to get in or out of Gotham only to then magically transports Bruce into it. That moment was not consistent, especially in a franchise where we're used to seeing how Bruce operates in detail, and thus draws people out of the movie. Even if they managed to rationalize it, I guarantee that at least 75% of all adult people who saw the film had a "huh, what?" moment when Bruce first appeared back in Gotham.


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