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Default Re: MCU Phase 2 Box Office/Budget Prediction Thread

I've been re-thinking this a bit:

Iron Man 3:

Pros: Avengers rub-off. Robert Downey Jr. Already a huge solo franchise.
Cons: Weak second film (con countered by Downey's last Iron Man appearance being in a 92% tomato metered, A+ Cinema Scored, $1.5 B grossing film...)

Budget: $200 M
Domestic Gross: $300 M
Foreign Gross: $500 M
Worldwide: $850 M

Thor: The Dark World

Pros: Avengers rub off. Increasing twitter psychopathy centering around Loki and Thor from women under 25. Character has a large foreign appeal.
Cons: First big budget Marvel movie to stray from the Summer release date. May prove a gamble.

Budget: $200 M
Domestic: $250 M
Foreign: $400 M
Worldwide: $650 M

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Pros: Avengers rub off. Well known character.
Cons: Arguably portrayed as the least exciting of the big 4 in The Avengers.

Budget: $180 M
Domestic: $225 M
Foreign: $300 M
Worldwide: $525 M

Guardians of the Galaxy

Pros: Ties in with Avengers 2. Offers an alternative to the typical Superhero origins flick, with more of a Space Opera bent. Has a talking raccoon.
Cons: No name characters, requires big budget. Has a talking raccoon.

Budget: $200 M
Domestic: $145 M
Foreign: $250 M
Worlwide: $395 M

Avengers 2

Pros: Sequel to the biggest non James Cameron film ever. Sequels tend to gain ground in box office receipts.
Cons: Hard act to live up to. Domestic gross of the first film may prove impossible to beat. Sequels to big movies tend to lose ground domestically (Iron Man 2, TDKR, Spider-Man 2, etc.)

Budget: $300 M+ (though Marvel will never admit it openly)
Domestic: $500 M
Foreign: $1 B
Worldwide Gross: $1.5 B


Pros: Brilliant director. Long gestation period.
Cons: Little known superhero. Powers could be considered laughable to the uninitiated.

Budget: $120 M
Domestic: $110 M
Foreign: $135 M
Worldwide: $245 M

Phase 2 totals:

Total Budget: $1.2 B
Domestic: $1.53 B
Foreign: $2.585 B
Worldwide: $4.118 B

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