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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Originally Posted by spideymouse View Post
That's your opinion, but it might not be the direction Marvel is choosing to go. I actually think they're doing both simultaneously. They are planning an Ant-Man movie ("introducing an important new Avengers member," as you said) as well as planning a Doctor Strange movie (expanding the territory of the MCU). And again, let's not complain about Black Panther's exclusion until Phase 3 officially excludes him.

It's important to note that while each phase does culminate with a big team-up or big event movie, Marvel is trying to make each individual film in each phase unique and compelling all on their own. Iron Man 3 will probably be as tied to Avengers 2 as the first Iron Man movie was to the Avengers--easter eggs and a teaser after the credits.The rest of the first Iron Man movie (95% of it) wasn't about building up towards the Avengers--it was about Tony Stark's journey. A Doctor Strange movie can be the same way, even if Phase 3 culminates in Avengers 3.

Also, I disagree that they should wait until phase 4 to expand to other parts of the Marvel Universe. You don't want the audience to think your whole cinematic universe is focused on and directly related to only 6 or 7 superheroes.
I don't see how Dr. Strange is a major expansion to MU.

He's not the Fantastic Four.

It would be a huge mistake to skip a Black Panther solo film just to slightly expand Marvel Universe with a premature Dr. Strange flick.

Why not wait? It's not like Marvel/Disney have many more A-list or B-list characters outside Avengers. Make a classic Avengers trilogy (which means adequate solo films) first.

There's plenty of time for left over characters later. Plenty.

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