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Default Re: The Official Batman Forever Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by TruerToTheCore View Post
You are such a falsifier. Your blog is worthless. Your selective reading is astonishing.

Your blog is full of ridiculous **** like

- Catwoman has always been portrayed as supernatural. Then you show a comic with a similar scene from the comics but you don't tell the readers that in this story Catwoman actually changed the bullets for blankets...
because that wasnt the point. The point of the example was that it was ambigous, not supernatural. Read slower. catwoman in BR isnt supernatural either, shes ambigous, like in early comics

As for Kilmer, its not about silhouette. Its about anger, darkness and nearly uncontrollable rage. Its about signature image of a bat, a person who lives in the shadows and moves, stands and acts like a bat

- the Joker is a notorious skirt-chaser (story taken out of context again) because he did in one story so Batman 89 is accurate.
I didnt say he was NOTORIOUS skirt chaser, I said he WAS chasing skirt and obsessing with girls in his OWn comic book written by Oneil. Again, dont twist it

Ill stop doing the blog, promise. But you stop posting your hateful propaganda


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