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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion

Originally Posted by Whiskey Tango View Post
They'd be fine in the same summer as long as they aren't released right on top of each other. That's what makes his argument so worthless. There is zero need for competition between them, except in the minds of fans who can't stand that someone else likes different things than they do.
Probably right. My personal preference would be to see X-Men, Avengers & JL to be released once every 3 years (for the rest of time) in alternate years.

I never get these arguments anyway. Constructive & civil discussion on preference is fine & can be fun but just trashing the alternative when there isn't even a discussion about it in the 1st place is.. weird (at best). And I can understand (but not support) to some extent the motivation when it comes to an expensive product like a games console and someone is insecure about whether they bought the one that will turn out to be a failure and therefore puts forward endless biased rubbish on the subject, but we're talking films here. You really can watch more than one!

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