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Default Re: MCU Phase 2 Box Office/Budget Prediction Thread

Iron Man 3:

Budget: 200m
Domestic: 405m
Foreign: 550m
Worldwide: 955m

Thor: The Dark World

Budget: 200m
Domestic: 300m
Foreign: 420m
Worldwide: 720m

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Budget: 160m
Domestic: 255m
Foreign: 310m
Worldwide: 565m

Guardians of the Galaxy:

Budget: 185m
Domestic: 230m
Foreign: 370m
Worldwide: 600m


Budget: 170m
Domestic: 210m
Foreign: 310m
Worldwide: 520m

The Avengers 2:

Budget: 260m
Domestic: 700m
Foreing: 1 bi
Worldwide: 1.7 bi

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