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Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Plus, let's not forget about this: there is no batsuit, and Blake does not know that Lucius helped out Wayne. There is only that super computer in the batcave that Blake COULD just use to help out the GCPD and could just be a male version of Oracle from now on. The ending leaves so many options for the viewer to think of.

I would like to think Blake could be a successor, but another option is that they could just leave the Batman legacy "dead" as it is and Blake helps in other ways.
I love that, cause it goes back to what Alfred was telling Bruce when he suited up again, "they don't need you that way anymore, they need your mind and your resources," I love the idea of Blake using the mind/resources as opposed to him suiting up as Batman II or whoever.

He has the computer and the detective skills to be able to work with the GCPD or even just in "secret" with Gordon...but to me, Gotham no longer needs or will need a "masked vigilante" sacrificing his body.

Wayne Enterprises buys and sells companies like Stark Industries
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