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Default Re: The Dark Knight Returns - if you were to do a sequel/prequel/spin off

Originally Posted by Ponyboy View Post
^I think you could very well write it in a manner that "Superman had good intentions" with Oliver but it would undermine was Miller's already done. I think the undertones and the insinuation (and the dialogue from Oliver in Dark Knight Returns) implies that this it didn't happen that way. I think it's safe to assume that Superman, being the puppet that he's become, did what he had to do.

It's much like the fight between Superman and Batman at the end issue #4... Superman doesn't really want to fight, and he doesn't even begin to try and hurt Batman until he's pushed. I think the same would've happened with Oliver, and I'd imagine Ollie was antagonizing him... whatever the situation might've been... maybe Superman was there to force Queen into retirement like the others, and Oliver took to kickin Superman's ass. He wasn't going to back down.

Also I think your bit about Jason Todd is also one of those things that's more interesting in that it's not shown. As you said, let your imagination go with it. I think (knowing what came later in the real DCU concerning Todd's fate) it's more fun to just assume that the Joker killed him.
See it didn't read that way to me and Oliver Queen is the kind of personality I think would be pissed off with Supes even if Supes was trying to save him.

Well Joker didn't kill him before The Dark Knight Returns cause that story was written after. So we don't know what happened to Jason in that story. Batman never even hints at who killed him or how he died. I like to think he died fighting for something (in this world anyway). I guess its just the way I imagine it, I have this story I'd love to write involving the Justice League and an alien threat and Jason would've died to save everyone but at the same time sacrificing himself and I'd have had Oliver Queen trapped and Superman saves him but he wants him to save Jason. But Superman saves Oliver cause he has knows he can't make it to Jason. In the process Superman severs Olivers arm to save him and this is why I would've had Oliver hate him. The destruction from this would result in heroes been banned and Lois Lane dying which basically leaves Superman with no one else in his life. It would also lead to Superman falling into the Arms of Wonder Woman, she would be pregnant by the end and in the sequel to TDK I'd have it be about the son of Superman and Wonder Woman moving from the island of Themiscara (it would be a big deal that a boy is on the Island) to Metropolis and somehow he'd have to deal with Batman and his crew but ultimately he'd see what needs to happen and the heroes would return and abolish the superhero ban by the end of the film. I suppose my stories though would be in the same world as Dark Knight but be more about Superman and the other heroes.

If I write it I'd work on the ins and outs but this is the basic story I want to do.

Yeah but like I said we all read things as we do.

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