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Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
Absolutely. Well, i think Blake could put it together in his head that Fox might have helped him in building these things secretely.
Maybe. If he knew Bruce was Batman so quickly, maybe he deduced that all of Batman's vehicles were from Wayne Enterprises. Or maybe he runs into Coleman Reese one day

Originally Posted by zmystico View Post
I love that, cause it goes back to what Alfred was telling Bruce when he suited up again, "they don't need you that way anymore, they need your mind and your resources," I love the idea of Blake using the mind/resources as opposed to him suiting up as Batman II or whoever.

He has the computer and the detective skills to be able to work with the GCPD or even just in "secret" with Gordon...but to me, Gotham no longer needs or will need a "masked vigilante" sacrificing his body.
After a few viewings, I actually thought of that...with there being no batsuits and really no more vehicles to use, there is just that computer in the Batcave and I think it's definitely a cool idea for Blake to just stay as a "detective" and just his knowledge and resources while the Batman legacy is just prospered through the Batman statue and the rebuilt bat signal.

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