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Default Re: How would you make Superman Relevant?

Originally Posted by Visceral View Post
I have been contemplating my love for this character ever since I saw the trailer for Man of Steel.

I grew up on Christopher Reeve a true superman in his own right. I read the comics for awhile, and after reading the great ones, I finally stopped reading the periodical. I liked the definitive versions, Loeb, Jurgens, Waid, Millar.
And I know that people hated it but For Tomorrow. For Tomorrow had a Matrix like vibe and I always thought Neo was a philosophical adult version of Superman. Sort of like Moore's Manhattan or Miracleman or Miller's DKR version. Sort of a meditation on what it means to have superpowers.

Superman was the first superhero, all other heroes are just shades of him, even Batman. People don't like him though, they all say they can't relate to him, every writer that comes onto superman tries desperately to make him relateable, some to glorious failure aka Superman Returns.

I am currently writing about what I think makes Superman relevant. But before I post that I want to know. In an age where 20 percent of Americans don't believe that we landed on the moon, I want to know what do you think will allow people to believe a man can fly?
I'm convinced that 99% of the people who say he's not relevant don't really care about relevancy. They're just trying to sound smart and probably enjoy stupid dime-a-dozen 1 dimensional action flicks.

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