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Default Re: Villains in the reboot series

I honestly think you could make the first trilogy without the Joker being the main villain (I would treat the rest of the Batman movies like the James Bond series) I would have:

1st Movie: Hugo Strange and the Monster Men - Strange is experimenting on insane people and creating a monster 'army' (Solomon Grundy, Killer Croc)
2nd Movie: Penguin/Riddler - Penguin is a UK mobster and is trying to take control of Gotham's mobs/underworld. Riddler is an IRA bomb maker and comes to Gotham to kill Penguin because Penguin killed his brother. Batman has to stop them before they destroy Gotham.
3rd Movie: Hush and Joker (just getting on Batman's nerves) - have Hush break Joker out of Arkham and then terrorize Gotham. Joker isn't the main villain but has several cameos

After that I would have:
Black Mask - False Face Society
Mr. Freeze - Tragic villain
Joker - wreaking havoc
Two Face - killing False Face Society people because they scarred his face
Hugo Strange - Prey adaptation
Joker - taking over Arkham

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