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Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
I wouldn't be so quick to follow Bruce Timm's style of creating a DC Universe when it comes to the live action film; namely because Bruce Timm has always placed Batman above Superman in almost every scenario; where Batman ends up saving the day more times than Superman and vice versa. I mean I never really got the feeling that they liked Superman or thought of him as a authentic hero since he's mainly portrayed as just being a alien who doesn't really uses his brains and always gets outsmarted by the villains while Batman doesn't and while the almighty Batman isn't subjected to becoming a tyrant, Superman apparently is in their version.

Plus, they really depowered Superman greatly as well.
Kinda liked that tbh. He can withstand bullets, but after a while they can cause him pain. Seems like that is what Snyder, Nolan, and Goyer are doing. Didn't we hear something that the military's weapons actually kinda start to hurt Superman after awhile. Though we got that leaked scene description where a missile is launched into superman and it didn't hurt him, so it's all up for debate right now.

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