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Default Re: Someone please explain why....

I'd say there's no suit. But that's what Fox is there for. If Blake figures out that Lucius provided Bruce with those "wonderful toys" (which wouldn't be difficult) then they can create a new one tailor made for John. He can probably see at the funeral that his butler was more than that and he knows about Gordons relationship to him, and Mr. Fox is at the funeral too? He's obviously more than just an employee then. Obviously he meant something to Bruce/Batman. So it should be a piece of cake for Blake to get that suit.

Vehicles? Perhaps Catwoman left behind the bat-pod. Other than that, there's nothing.

It's all in the imagination though. Maybe this character improvises and doesn't need Fox. Nobody knows.

Fox can do some digging and figure out that Blake looks over the equipment in the cave and left his career behind. I can see Fox creating some toys for Blake just incase he needs it (hey he did it when Bruce was supposedly retired for 8 years, what's stopping him now!).

Blake as an oracle type character is also a cool idea. Very simplistic but impactful.

The last thing i can think of is that some of Bane's mercenaries could be out there. The ones that got away from the police. I can see them becoming henchmen for some new crimelords that want to take advantage of the situation. Therefore Blake may need to suit up.

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