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Default Re: Someone please explain why....

Originally Posted by zmystico View Post
most posters on the board have the idea that Gotham STILL needs Batman?

In Begins, Bruce made it clear that Gotham needed a dramatic example to shake them out of apathy...ergo Batman.

In TDK, The Joker tries to prove that the citizens of Gotham would turn on themselves.

At the end of TDKR, Batman's return inspires the citizens to fight, those that once were afraid, laid down their lives to fight Bane/Talia/LOS.

So...why does Gotham still need Batman?
For me it goes back to the Joker's line in Knight: "You've changed things forever. There's no going back."

The implication is that although at the end of Rises Gotham has pulled itself out of the proverbial ditch through Batman's example, there will still be forces that only Batman, the anonymous "watchful guardian" who is the eternal symbol that exists outside the normal parameters of society and the law, can deal with. We know that eventually Joker and his supervillain ilk will resurface from wherever he his and that Batman will have to be there to stop them.

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