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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 2

I'll say it again, this is the closest we'll get to an X4. I can't see the studio greenlighting an X-Men film without Fassbender, McAvoy & Lawrence. The majority of this film takes place in '73 meaning the protagonists are Fassbender, McAvoy & Lawrence. The reason we're getting all the players from the original trilogy back is that the film is based on Days of Future Past. You need them there to tell this particular story. I don't see the studio financing an X-Men movie starring Anna Paquin, Ellen Page & Shawn Ashmore. Even if Jackman was in the picture I just don't see them doing that.

I think after Days of Future Past we'll get another X-Men movie three years down the line that continues the story that ended in '73. I doubt we'll see the cast of the original trilogy in that film but rather young versions of Cyclops, Jean Grey & Storm and I think like this film it will jump forward a decade & be set in the 80s.

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