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Default Re: Question Regarding Batman's First Fight With Bane

Originally Posted by RAINMAKER View Post
After watching the film several times, I don't seem to understand why Batman was so mad at Selina Kyle for making a "serious mistake", when he was the one that wanted Kyle to take him to Bane.

Was it because Batman was caught off-guard and wanted to attack Bane in a different way?
Yes. Remember how he tries being a ninja again in the lead up? He probably thought Bane could be taken out as easily, and if not, he'll fight harder. That did not work because Catwoman shut him in on a narrow walkway with Bane.

Or did he just want to see what Bane was all about before attacking him?
Bruce thought he knew all he needed to, that Bane was just a mercenary.

Also, I don't get why Bane made a "deal" with Selina Kyle to bring Batman to him when in fact Bane already knew who he was. This is why I wrote in an earlier thread that the first fight should've been in the "Batcave".
So he could show him that it is Bruce's own armoury being used to turn Gotham into a police state "I wondered which would break first, your spirit or your body!"

Oh yeah, how does Bruce kick through bricks, but can't inflict any damage on Bane? Has anybody else noticed that inconstancy?
Because it's a film about a superhero and these things happen. Why doesn't Bruce dislocate his shoulder when he uses his grapple? Why didn't he shatter he feet and ankles when he kicked the bricks? Why didn't Joker have his foot sliced off when Batman caught him? Why didn't Bane pulverise his fists when he punched through the pillar? Why didn't Bruce have his cranium destroyed when Bane punched through his cowl?

All those things should have happened?

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