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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 1

Originally Posted by MysticRain View Post
Wait, didn't Mackie say he seen the script from his interview about a month ago

While the newbies like Mackie, Grillo, and VanCamp will probably need time to get into their character, we don't actually know how big of the roles they really are in the film. Based on the title, the main characters will be Cap and Winter Soldier. Now, I don't think Evans will need much time to prepare in term of acting since I don't see Cap's mindset change too much from last time. For Stan, while his character does go through a big transformation into what probably will be a tragic and conflict 'villain', it also seems to be Stan's cup of tea anyway.

The men seem to have been bulking up already. So unless there are scenes that require the actors to be expert at something, I wouldn't be freaking out about prep time for them just yet.
We know that Vancamp is playing "the female lead," so her part is very large. At least as large as Atwell's, theoretically. Mackie plays Falcon, the next real Marvel superhero to be added to the MCU. In addition to being Steve's right hand man for decades (they shared equal billing on "Cap's" comic book title for much of the 60s-80s: viz. "Captain America and The Falcon"), he also appears very much to be getting groomed for a slot on the Avengers' roster, just as he was in the comics. So yeah: big role. Crossbones is one of Cap's favorite bad guys, and is likely to have a meaty role in the movie as well.


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