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Default Re: The Star Wars Planets. Where should they return?

I want to see some new terrains that we haven't seen in the films before. Some ideas...

-An African savvana-like planet
-Ice/glaciers (more like Antarctica, less snowy mountains like Hoth)
-A "trash planet" like Raxus Prime (toxic pools, unihabitable. A planet where people have to wear biohazard suits)
-A "ring world," a space station surrounding an entire planet.
-Something like a Japanese garden, quaint, serene, beautiful
-Tropical beaches
-Muunilinst (as seen in Tartakovsky's Clone Wars. I love the Greek-style, very "government-y" architecture. A city planet that's less futuristic like Coruscant and more classical would be cool)

What other terrains haven't we seen?

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