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Default Re: The Ongoing Serie A, La Liga, All English Football, Champions League Thread

I have nothing against Brendan Rodgers and was happy that a top team went for a young Brit manager, but some of the accolades he has got from pundits this year seem OTT. Bellamy and old GQ were saying how well he's managed Downing, but it's only a few months ago Rodgers was trying desperately to force him out the club, Henderson hardly got a look in. Sturridge apart his signings have been suspect (not a Joe Allen fan at all).
People talk about this passing football they play, but under Kenny they were hardly a longball side, I remember against Arsenal at home last season they put in a performance I haven't really seen matched since.

I dunno if I'm being overly harsh but with Dalglishs signings becoming a bigger
presence in the side after a settling in period and the emergence of Sterling, it just seems like it's been right place, right time rather than Rodgers genius. I honestly don't think if Kenny was still manager they'd be any worse off.

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